Wagner Family Photos

 While in CA we had our friend Beth at http://www.photographyinlight.com/ take some photos of the Wagner family. We LOVE them! I cant wait to see the rest.
Aunt Paige and the Niece and Nephews
Susan and her Daughters
My Darling Cecily and loveable Oli


Quists said...

Love these pictures! You're so pretty - and you and Kreg sure do produce cute kids!

Erin and Zach said...

these are ADORABLE. I admired them on facebook too and they are fantastic. You all look so beautiful and the kids are too cute.

The Robinson's said...

Wonderful pictures!! Beth is a great photographer.

You all look so great! I love your family shot. And the one of CC and Oli is adorable.

Love that you are updating so much.

Take care.