-20 outside. No Problem.

 We had fun freezing toys in water on the deck, it took less than an hour to freeze these bowls of water.

 CC didnt care it was cold she still wanted to play outside because the sun was shinning. She only lasted 7 min.


Shari said...

That's a lot of bundling for only 7 minutes. You are a good mom. :)

Kreg and Anna said...

It was a lot of bundling, but like I said it was -20 outside. IF you have felt that before you would know there is never enough bundling ha ha

Heather said...

what a fun idea (freezing the toys)! genius!

The Robinson's said...

She is cRaZy for playing out in -20degree weather, but she is brave!!
She made it 7 minutes longer than I would have! haha

That was a great idea to freeze the toys!

Brittani said...

holy moly... that is fast and COLD! come visit us someday!