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We all love to read the many, many blogs out there, whether is the crafts, recipes, coupons, or Motherly advice we are looking for we love them. They have a way of sucking you in and then 2 hours later you realize you are still at the computer looking at blogs. I've always loved that through these blogs, we as Latter Day Saints can be examples to people all over the world for example: "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs". I know I am one to always talk about the "happy" times in our life, when life in reality isnt always so peachy, but personally I want to remember the happy stuff and not so much focus on the negative things. I have a negative outlook by nature so I want to do as much as I can to keep things positive. I print this blog and want to look back on this time and remember all the fun, happy times :) So heres to more blogging and showing the world what happiness our gospel brings to lives.


Courtney said...

I am glad you posted this Anna. I do the same thing with craft blogs wishing I could stay home all day and just be creative.
I do look at your life (pretty much only through your blog but it should be more, like at least through phone conversations) and wish I could be more like you. To enjoy being poor and have faith to have children when my husband is in school. We all share the very best of ourselves on our blogs and in reality we should try to do better at painting the real picture.
You have challenged me to be more honest. Positive yes but honest still the same. We can't print these pages for our future posterity if we don't share all the good and the bad.
Love you! Miss you lots and lots. Thank you for having the outlook I was afraid to show!
Your Favorite Cousin,

The Robinson's said...


I am such a blog stalker. I find myself still at the computer 2 hours later too.

I feel proud of how many "mormon blogs" are out there and open to the public. We are great examples!

Ok, now you didn't leave any links to which blogs you stalk. C'mon you have to share now. haha

Take care!

laurareid said...

absolutely, you go girl! xo