The Lake and Pioneer day parade

                                             CC loves swimming..anywhere!

 We have gone up north to go to the Lake with the family a couple of times and it is soo fun! The kids love it and so do we! Thanks so much Gram and Papa for sharing your wave runner with us!
 Kreg and the kids with his company's Horse. Shout out to the Utah Association of Realtors

                                    The gilrs in their pioneer bonnets

                                The gang waiting for the parade to start
                                       We got there early and the parade started a little late so the kids had races down Washington to keep themselves busy and entertained.
 As you can imagine the winner was always the oldest and the last to finish was the youngest.

 Oldest to youngest is also tallest to smallest for now, Colty is about pass cc up real soon.
 There were disney princesses in the parade, they were happy to take photos with little kids. Reagan was beyond excited to see Bell!
Notice the Ogden Temple under construction in the background matches the temple under construction on the float. Its so fun to go to Ogden and see the progress being made on the temple!

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