Cecily's Big Day turning 5!

 Cecily woke up the morning of her Birthday with tyedye balloons hanging from her ceiling! She thought it was so cool and couldn't wait to pose with her whole hand to show how old she is!

 She immediately asked to open the box from Grandma, Grandpa, and Paige. She was so happy to find princess Chap stick, a squinkies tea party toy, and a Tangled barbie! Aunt Paige sure knows her girl well!

 We hit up our favorite summer place- Seven Peaks in SL. Oli was teething so he kept wanting to lay down and go to sleep poor guy.

                                           But CC was just so happy to be five and alive!
                                                        Poor sad little man

                                                    My sweet girl and I! She lights up my life to the max!
 Gram brought a great rainbow cake to the park, it was a fun preview to her rainbow party later this week. CC loved the yummy cake and when we were done with our share she was happy to share it with all the kids around us! What a sweet girl to share on her birthday.
 Cecily and her best friend Oliver. These two really are the best little buddies!

 This is Cecily's favorite attraction at the water park next to the wave pool of course. She loves using her balancing skills and her strong muscles to cross the pads. She has grown this summer because she could not reach the ropes when we first started coming and would have to crawl across. I love seeing her learn and grow to reach new abilities!

                               Oliver loves to jump in and swim to me over and over, I have to remind him to catch his breath before he jumps in again!
 After the water park we took CC to her birthday lunch, she chose the spaghetti factory because she really wanted to sit in the trolley. I didn't argue because I LOVE that place!

Here is the big 5 yr old being sung to by the waters, waiting to blow out her candle on her ice cream.
CC ended up going home with Gram to spend 3 nights at Gram and Papa's house. She loved it so much! They did all kinds of fun things that I will write about later. I however missed her so so much! I thought it would be a nice break and easy having one kid, but I was seriously lost without my girl. I do better if I am the one to leave not the other way around. Our house was to quiet and I couldn't help myself other than to call her a few times each day to check in. I am so glad she is just turning 5 and not 18 and going off to college. I am also glad she is only doing half day kindergarten. I would miss her to much! I love my sweet and spunky lady! So excited to see what being 5 brings to her life!

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Was such a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with me!