5th birthday -dinner

                                              Carly, Bentley, and Gram helping the kids

 Cecily had originally wanted pizza for her party so we had the kids make their own mini pizzas on English muffins.

                              Then they made rainbow fruit kabobs for to dip in the fruit dip.
 The kids enjoying their grub. Most of the kids were distracted by the little pool, sprinkler, jump house to really focus on eating which is totally normal. Oliver however stayed by his food and everyone elses food until the plates were pretty clean. That kid can eat and loves his food! He will choose eating over pretty much an activity. Its amazing he is so tiny!!

                                                  My Mom, Mark, Mallory, Paige
                                                              The Grill master!
                                                               Reid Men
               Scott and Sarah, We sure did miss all of our other family members that live to far to join us!

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Craig, Kimi, and Eli said...

Looks like a party! Wish we could have been there. :)