Cecily's 5th Birthday Party-Decor

 Cecily is super into rainbows lately, so months and months ago she decided she wanted a rainbow birthday party (remember how she has been looking forward to turning 5 since the day she turned 4) So a RAINBOW party it was! I had fun putting it all together (thank you Sarah for the labels). We had all the family that could make it over for dinner, cake and ice cream, and and games for the kids. We just got a new BBQ so Kreg fired up the grill and made us hamburgers, hotdogs, and shrimp kabobs! We had brightly colored pasta and fruit salad, chips and lemonade to drink.
 SOOO happy to be 5!! Gram made the little rainbow tutu and brought CC the rainbow flower lei.
 I wanted the base of the decor to be white with pops of color so we did white cupcakes and cake with colored cupcake wrappers and labels that said "happy birthday, Cecily, and 5".

 The cake was different colored layers on the inside. I forgot to take a picture of it after we cut into it.

 I love those rainbow colored Twizzlers we found. I used a lot of my vintage milk glass vases as holders for different foods and utensils. The little gifts to the right are bubbles and mini colored markers for the kids to take home.
                                                  Love all that color!
The pom poms were a fun touch of color over head. I was happy with how everything turned out.


laurareid said...

It not only was a fun party, it was well done! You and Sarah are the family official party planners! Good job, everything was Sooo cute and yummy. Of course this all takes second place to the adorable birthday girl! Do

Brittani said...

so cute! I am glad she had a good birthday!