CC girl is a big 5 year old!

This girl is 5 today!! I cannot believe she is going to start kindergarten in just a few weeks! Well on one hand I kinda feel like she should be in fifth grade and turning 10 or maybe even 13, but really these past 5 years have flown by! I can remember so vividly the last couple of weeks of my life before our sweet Cecily joined our family, I was literally sitting and waiting for her to come! We had her room done and everything ready for her for months, I just could not wait to fulfill my life long dream and become a Mom. I have been reminiscing about what she was like as a baby lately and it is so funny to think back at how serious and stoned faced she was most of the time, really till she was about 18 months she was just serious and taking life in, and then she turned into the most bright, bubbly, outgoing little DIVA! She amazes me everyday with her lack of fear and with her amazing confidence. I am so excited for all the new experiences she will have at school, but I am also sad I wont be there to witness all of it! It will be so fun to watch her growth this next year and see her blossom even more into the young girl she is! Cecily has been counting down until she was 5 since her 4th birthday, it has been a long year for her and she has had to practice patience! I am glad it is finally here for her sake and for the rest of ours!

At 5 you love
~Riding your two wheeler
~showing people your tricks i.e. tying your shoes, whistling
~Singing, you love to sing, you always have but now you not only sing primary songs but you memorize songs on the radio after hearing them once, its hilarious listening to you in your room during quiet time belting out songs from the radio word for word. Ever since your solo at Aspen Grove you have been begging to get back on stage and sing, but you say next time you want to sing a song that you made up yourself. Maybe you will be a song writer/singer someday;)
~ You love helping/bossing Oliver. You really are the best big sister! I have had to be careful lately to not give you so much responsibility, you do everything I ask great, but you are getting a little confuse on your role. I have to make sure to remind you to be a kid and have fun. You really align yourself with Dad and I and see yourself as the 3rd parent/adult rather than a kid or even still a big sister. You love to play with Oli and are very patient with him, he is starting to tease more which can cause some arguments but you are doing well with helping him learn what is "appropriate". For some reason you obsessed with carrying him right now too, I have to tell you multiple times a day to put him down because he almost weighs as much as you do. I think its your way of showing how strong you are.
~Fishing, Dad has been taking us fishing a lot this summer and you are loving it!
~ playing with your dolls, you still love playing Mommy and you are still determined to be an OBGYN when you grow up! It is so fun to see you so interested in something. It has been a challenge for me knowing how to answer all your questions so that the information is age appropriate. Its hard when you ask all the right questions to get the details you are looking for. It will be fun to watch you learn over the next 6 months first hand about what an OB does when you come to my appointments with me. I know you can't wait till your half birthday when you become a big sister for the 2nd time!
Back in February you came to me and said "Mom I keep praying to heavenly father that my baby doll Oli gave me would become real so I could take care of her but she is still just pretend". I told you that was great to have such fabulous faith but sometimes Heavenly Father knows whats best for us and he knows you aren't ready for your own baby to take care of. and He also knows that I will have a baby sometime soon so you can help me take care of my baby." She was satisfied with that. We are so happy to have her prayers and ours answered and welcome our third baby into our family in Feb 2013.
~Reading and writing you love to "read" books and Write lists. It will be so fun this year as you really learn to do those things and develop those skills.
~Talk on the phone, you ask multiple times a day if you can call someone. and you will talk for a long time if we let you. you are so much like me its amazing!
~Swim you are such a great swimmer and you love to do it. We spend a lot of time at the pool, water park, and lake and you couldn't be happier!
~Get prettied up, you love doing everyone's hair, and painting your nails, putting on make up and wearing fancy dresses you are a glam girl for sure!

Things you don't love
~Doing Chores, you do them well but you usually take some convincing. You like things clean and organized but you just don't see the point in making your bed everyday if you are just going to mess it up later anyway. You like to help out around the house but when its your idea not mine.
~Shopping you hate to shop now, partially because you don't get what you want most of the time and because you say its boring or your legs get tired now that you are to big for the stroller/cart. Sad day for Mom.
~Going to bed, things haven't changed since you were a baby, you don't want to miss a thing. You will come out of your room and say I can't sleep after being in bed for maybe 5 min, or you will say I can't stop looking out my window ha ha
~Listening, we have had a hard time with this lately, I think Kindergarten will help you with not having to listen just to Me all the time.

You really are such a fun, silly, happy girl! We have our moments of mood swings lately but I think that comes with the territory of getting older. We love having you in our family and our lives! We couldn't have asked for a better oldest child/sister! We feel so blessed to be your parents, you teach us so many things all the time!You are such a sweet, caring person. You worry about others and are always praying for others. You light up our home and our lives and teach us how to love life and live it to its fullest! We love you so so much baby girl!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Cecily! We miss you and your family. Have a fun day!

Brittani said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! Have a great day

The Robinson's said...

Happy {belated} Birthday Cecily!!
Its so awesome to be 5! Lily loves it. She started Kindergarten 3 days ago and says it is so fun! Hope you had a wonderful day and a great 1st day for Kindergarten!

Anna, congratulations on your new exciting news! 3 is a lot of fun! Keep us updated.

Take care.

Susan said...

I'm so glad you have a blog. It's wonderful to read and to see all the pictures you post. Cecily will treasure the things you wrote about her.