The Farm With Grandma, Mark, and Paige

 We love that we have already gotten to see aunt Paige a couple of times since she came back to UT for school! She is so fun to play with the kids and give them all of her attention!

 The kids were feeding the ducks when the geese came to join in on the feast, the geese are not afraid of people but we are afraid of them! They come a little to close for comfort. CC took off out of there and Oli just got a little nervous and unsure what to do.

 But then Uncle Mark came and rescued little O from the big birds. Oli wouldn't let him out of his sight after that. Its been fun living in UT and seeing so much of family. Oli has a new favorite person .
 Uncle Mark came from Dental school, the kids liked that he looked like a real DR! We are so excited and proud of Mark for going to dental school! Can't wait for you to take care of our teeth!

 Grandma came for a quick 24 hour trip for Uncle Mark's white coat ceremony, we were lucky thought because we got to play with her all day! We went and did some shopping and had lunch at Costco and then went to Wheeler farm. It was hot but fun to spend time with her!
The kids doing hard work on the farm, driving the tractor.


Mallory Wagner said...

I love this!

Mallory Wagner said...

I love this!

Brittani said...

lets not talk about hot!! haha. what fun pictures!!

laurareid said...

Darlings! All of them! (I love Paige)