We have been doing lots of fishing

                 Kreg has been loving his schedule and the opportunities it gives him to go fishing! He takes the kids and I along most of the time or lately just the kids and they love it too! He has had better luck catching fish when the kids aren't there (they can be a little noisy and like to throw rocks in the water. The fish don't like that if you can imagine). On this particular day, last week we went to strawberry reservoir with Mark and Mallory. There were no live fish caught but Kreg found a dead minnow and a couple of Crawdads. The kids were not  excited about the crawdads but loved that little dead fish. Oli especially! He carried it in his hand for a good 2 hours. It was gross and funny at the same time. He kept petting it and putting it in the water when it got dry. He was so sad when we were leaving and we made him put it back in the lake so it could go back to his mama. 

Kreg recently bought a little boat he will be able to take fishing, hopefully he will be able to have some good luck with that. He and Mark did go fish the Provo river this morning and had some catches.

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