5th Birthday games

 The kids had fun playing in the water, having squirt gun fights and playing in the pool.

                                                                    Riding bikes
                                 The adults sat around talking and watching the kids

                                           Baby Bentley just hung out and was happy!

                                                                       Gram and Papa
                                                   Me and my favorite big girl!
                                       Cecily really wanted to do races at her party but, since I knew a race would never be fair with the wide range of ages I tried to make it a little more even by giving the kids spoons (smaller for the bigger kids, bigger for the younger kids) and then put a hard boiled egg on the spoon.

 Cecily is a rule follower to the max so she won't cheat and she ended up taking off and winning the first race!
 Notice Oliver on the right, he was still focused on his egg from the first race when all the other kids were back, he was so determined to do it right!
 It was a little complicated so he took his egg of and ran hard to get to the other side. It was so funny!

                              Uncle Scott brought his jump house, which is always a hit!

                                                   Cecily blowing out her candles!

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