CC's visit to Gram and Papa's

 Like I said Cecily got to go to Gram and Papa's house for 3 whole nights! They did all kinds of fun things like: Go to Aunt Sarah's for lunch and cousin time, babysit Hud and Bentley, Bake cookies, go to the farmers market, ride the trolley, eat treats and lunch. GO shopping and get her face painted.
                           Girls day tea party with Reagan, lots of movie watching and playing toys.

Gram brought CC home Sunday morning so she could come sit with the kids while Kreg and I spoke in sacrament meeting. I don't think CC missed us much but we missed her. I love that we live close to family now so that Our kids can have many more memories with all of them! Thank you Mom and Dad for taking our girl and loving her!

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laurareid said...

We should be thanking you!