First day of school

 Cecily's first day of 1st Grade at her new Charter school APA! She wakes up around 6:30 a.m. to her own alarm, gets dressed then meets me upstairs for breakfast (she always wants oatmeal) and to get her hair done. She Loves her school and teacher, I was worried about her being gone so long from home 7:15am-3:45pm but she does great and has lots of energy when she gets home from school! She has had a couple of moments of frustration adjusting to the new way of learning that APA provides, but otherwise is so happy about the school! She misses going to school with her neighborhood friends, but is making new ones quickly at school.

 She looks darling in her uniform! The uniform doesn't vary much from this, she can wear brown or all white shoes, white or navy socks, and this jumper or a navy blue jumper. On Fridays she can wear Khaki pants and a navy polo.
Kreg drives for the carpool in the mornings since his work is close to the school, then two other families pick her up and bring her home in the afternoons.

Oliver had his first day of 3yr old preschool! He has so much fun going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He loves  playing with new friends and eating snack! I posted this picture on FB and my Aunt Shari commented on how great it was that I let him go to school with his mismatched socks, and how I was letting him be creative. I honestly didn't think twice about letting him wear his socks like that. He is such a fun, free spirited boy. He can either not care that his socks are mismatched or he can do it on purpose because he like it like that. The funny thing is in this picture his underwear were on backwards and a minuet before I took the photo I had to beg him to let me turn his shirt because it was also backwards. most days his shoes are on the wrong feet and if anyone points it out to him he will just say I like them like that! 
I know I parent him very differently than I do with Cecily, with CC I would have never left the house without her looking/acting perfect and I don't know if because of that she is a perfectionist in an extreme way now or if it a lot of her perfectionist personality is innate or at least because she is a first born. I am a control freak and so is she so we often have chats (that we both learn from) about having to let go of things that are not important.Her perfectionism isn't all bad, I can always count on her to follow/enforce rules and stay on track, but I think because I have her as my first born I really enjoy Oli's easygoing, not so rule following nature. He can drive me nuts some days as they all do in their own way. I sure do love these kids so much and  I feel so so blessed to get to stay home with them and enjoy their oh so different, fun, and silly personalities!

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