Cora is 6 months

Half a year already!! Our little Coco is amazing us by the day!

Likes and milestones:
Weighs: 14.2 10%
Height : 24 in 5th%
~wearing 3-6 month clothes
~Size 3 diapers: this girl has a Tush on her! all her weight is in her thighs and bum! It is so cute, I love squishing her little rolls! She is wearing the same size diaper that Cecily ended in before we potty trained her when she was almost 2!
~Holds her bottle and has been for about a month.
~Eating solids for about a week and doing great! I tried a few different times to feed her baby food between 4-6 months, but she was just never ready until all of a sudden last week she just seemed super hungry and her bottle just wasn't cutting it anymore. She is doing great and really getting the hang of eating. She is loving all the veggies ie green beans, peas, carrots, squash, zucchini, spinach she has had. I will give her fruit when she can eat it in a more whole form as well as any other foods. I did this with the other two kids and felt it was a great way to get their taste buds used to foods that were different and not very sweet. I give credit to my kids eating pretty much anything to this method of food introduction.
~Sitting up, she started really sitting without a need for any pillows around her a week before her 6 month mark

~Up-Dog, Down-dog this is hilarious she really looks like she is doing yoga. She pushes herself up on her feet and hands and then puts her head down then does the reverse while staying up on her hands! She also gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. This is blowing my mind because my other two kids didn't even get to their hands and knees till 8-81/2 months.
~Talking/Yelling she is very verbal, I had to leave 2 church meetings this week due to her talking and then yelling! She is loud when she wants to be! Most often though she is still so sweet, quiet, and chill! Such a happy, easy going baby!
~Still sleeping well and will occasionally take a long nap during the day along with her two or three cat naps.
~Still loving her sibs and thinks they are more fun and more funny by the day!
~She outgrew the front pack carrier this month. well more like got to heavy for my shoulders. I have thought about investing in a carrier with more hip support, but she really enjoys the stroller and its more freeing for me so I think we will stick to that.
~Still takes a binky occasionally, but not all the time.

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