Our weekend

 We had Hudson and Bentley here staying with us for a few days while their parents were out of town. It was so much fun! They are such cute, sweet boys! Hudson and Oli are two peas in a pod! They are so much alike in so many ways it really made having them fairly easy! Oli and Hud were always busy doing boy stuff like peeing in every corner of the backyard, talking about poop, running in circles, playing in the water, and just being wild and crazy fun boys! Bentley is such a sweet heart! Oh I could just eat him up! It was fun having the boys here without their parents, because I got to know them on a whole new level and I loved it!

 We love having fires and smores! Oli loves to get as messy as he can with them!
 I love these two guys so much! Kreg has such a special relationship with each of his kids and the one that these two share makes me so happy!

 Cora is on the move! She is getting herself all around these days whether its by rolling or her version of crawling! We have to keep our eye on her at all times because she does not stay put. She was on the blanket I left the room for a second and she was under the chair! Today we found her under her crib! She really wants to crawl and almost has it, she gets up on her knees and then kind of pulls herself with her arms while she shimmys her legs. I give her a couple more weeks and she will figure it out!
Why do they have to grow up so fast!!!?

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laurareid said...

Wow, that bottom picture looks just like you as a baby!