Cecily is 6 years

My CC girl! You are mature well beyond your years! You continue to amaze me with your knowledge and maturity.
You are so sweet and helpful.
You are always helping me with your siblings and around the house. You want to help with everything, you are getting to an age and capability that I can let you help with most things without worrying to much about it. You love to feed and change Cora's wet diapers. Your daily/weekly chores are emptying garbages, loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, weeding the garden, and cleaning mirrors along with making your bed and cleaning your room.
You love riding your bike everywhere and are very fast!
You are amazing at the hula hoop and doing so well at the jump rope
You are awesome at Gymnastics but wanting to play the Violin instead
You love being with your friends and being social wherever we go. You have no fear about being in front of a crowd!
You are such a happy girl, You are so thoughtful and always thinking of others and their well being and feelings. You are always praying for people and their needs, some specifics if you know them and always for people all over the world who are homeless and hungry.
You like to be in charge, you love responsibility, but we have to remind you that you are still a kid and not a parent. You are very responsible and trust worthy.
You are sensitive and want to please people.
 You also worry a lot. you worry about being perfect at things on the first time. I have to remind you often that we all have to practice, practice, practice to do things well. You get nervous to try new things because you are afraid of not doing it well like homework everyday, practicing a new skill in the pool, drawing a specific picture, anything that might be new or hard you resist. It can be very frustrating for me as your Mom because I see your potential as well as how easy things come to you and I just want you to realize it as well. Once you try "it" you always say this is easy peasy, lemon squeezy! You catch on so quickly with your school work or with sports and other skills that I can't figure out the best way to encourage or coach you to just try things without freaking out first. The Drama Queen comes out a lot, but we have to put her away and just try new things!
You still want to be an OBGYN, but you are starting to realize how much work that entails so some days you say you don't want to go to college, you just want to get married!
You love rainbows and all things girly!
You love to be clean and organized and never really play with your toys because you are worried about a mess.
You are so fun, and have so much joy for life! You make every situation a party and really live life in such a fun, happy way!
We are so grateful for your sweet spirit and for your joy and happiness in life! We are so grateful for your positive attitude and your loving, helpful nature! We are so happy to be your parents and so blessed to have you in our lives!
We are so Happy you are finally 6!!
 Her first b-day celebration was in CA with Aunt Paige. We sang to both our August birthday girls! Cecily loved putting the candles on the cake for her and her bestie Aunt Pager!

 Her birthday morning started out with a little balloon trap door! She was so happy about it!
 Then she got a yummy french toast breakfast and money, treats, and a nice card from the Fishers! per her request!

 Then we went to the waterpark with her cousins on the Reid side, she got a fun Princess sketch book from the Reids, a OBGYN outfit and kit from the Jackmans and a ribbon wand and dress from Gram and Papa! The pic above is the second we walked in the door from swimming. they literally walked in the door and sat right down to do some DR-ing.
 and then I caught Oli having a turn.

 Cecily has also been begging to feed Cora, so it was one of her birthday privileges!
 Getting ready for presents! We had just finished eating her angel Hair pasta dinner she requested.
 So excited about her new backpack and lunch box for school! She told me she wanted me to surprise her for her b-day with a pink sparkly back pack that had hearts on it and a lunchbox to match! Thankfully I was able to find one just the way she imagined!

Since we had cupcakes at the waterpark she settled for candles in her ice cream!

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