Cora is 7 Months

 I love her little Pig Tails! This is the perfect style for Cora because her hair is long and wispy, but she has a funny bald spot on her occipital bone underneath a thin layer of long hair, so when I pull it into piggies it hides that bald spot and also keeps her long wild hair our of her face!
 I have so much fun during our one-on-one time during the week when Oli is gone at school and playgroups.
 She is so busy these days, loves playing with toys and exploring fun things to "eat" paper is her favorite!
 She loves her big brother! He is always teasing, playing, and kissing on her. She enjoys it all MOST of the time!
 She is a great eater! She will eat anything we give her so far. So far she has had green beans, sweet potatoes, beets, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, apple sauce, and yogurt, oatmeal, and puffs. I make all her baby food from fresh veggies that I lightly steam and puree just like I did with the other kids. She is working on trying to pick up Puffs that we break in half for her. She will get them in her hand but isn't sure how to let go when she puts them to her mouth.
 She loves her big sis, Cecily is so good with her and really loves her. Everyday after school Cora is the first person CC wants to see! They love being twinners in the skirts Gram made them!

Cora started crawling a week and a half before her 7 mo. mark, about two days later she started pulling herself up on things. This girl will not slow down!
Cora is still such a sweet, easygoing baby! She gets verbal here and there but mostly just a quiet observer. We sure do love our sweet Coco!

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