October '13

 This guy is so goofy and fun!

Oliver and Cora's relationship is so fun to watch. He teases and she just can't seem to get enough! It reminds me of my relationship with my big brother growing up!

 Hudson and Bentley came over for dinner! Oli and Hud were in heaven having non-stop fun!

 We went to Colorado to visit Kim and Craig and the boys! It was so fun! We had quite the adventure getting there, we got stuck in a few hours of traffic due to an unexpected snow storm. Once we arrived we had a blast! It was so fun seeing the Fishers in their element and their town! We visited a fun historical museum in Littleton, went downtown and explored a little, went out to eat, visited Dan and Stacy's family for a yummy breakfast and morning session of General Conference. I enjoyed my girl time with Kim and the kids had fun playing! I want to go back next summer!

 Cecily and Oliver had themselves a little Gymnatics meet. Oli wore the "boy" leotard.

 Lots of Running involved!

 This sweet girl turned 8 months!!

 Cecily won a Reading award at school! She doesn't love reading yet, but she sure is good at it!

 Family outing to the farm and pumpkin patch, that ended in going to walmart to buy a cheaper pumpkin and hot chocolate!

 We went to the ward Halloween party! The kids dressed in the Alice in Wonderland theme
 Reagan was visiting us for the weekend so she came too! She is the queen of hearts!

 Oliver was tweedle dee, he and his best friend Anton had fun hiding behind the fishing booth eating loads of candy!
 My cute little Alice!

 We had the boys stand next to each other to compare their height and B wanted in on that action!
 Alice, Tweedle, and Dina the kitty
 Hudson decided last min to be Iron man. The kids had a blast trick or treating! They filled their little buckets to the rim! I like that they are small buckets, portion control!
 Cute little White Rabbit.
 We were up in North Ogden at Scott and Carly's for the party so we were Trick or Treating in their neighborhood, we stopped by an older couple's home to eat chili, Oli went right in and made himself comfy on their chair with some stuffed animals he found, he is so funny! He was asking for food and drinks and them being Grandparents were happy to oblige with Chips and Root beer!. Cecily made herself at home by answering the door for all the trick or treaters. She passed out candy the whole time we were there and she loved it!
The Jackman's came at the end for a picture (they were sick) Ash was the Mad hatter and Colten was on of the Card soldiers. Cutest cousins!
Oliver is so silly all the time, here he is riding his bike with goggles
We went to the Zoo dressed for a cool fall day, well weather changed on us and they turned on the splash pad so we took advantage!
Halloween Decorations

Cecily lost her first tooth!! and soon after lost her 2nd!
More Halloween Decor and my Cute Coco wearing some of my baby clothes!
Pumpkin carving!
CC playing with her Baby Doll
Oli met Rapunzel at the Library
Cecily's 1st grade photo, Oliver measuring himself on the floor in the middle of Ikea, Cora playing Mommy

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