4th of July

 We had a fun 4th of July! We started our day off at the Murray City Parade with our friends! The kids had so much fun watching the parade and getting lots of candy!
                                                      Cecily and her good friend Avea
 We got a great spot to watch the parade right at the beginning of it, so the kids got tons of candy, poor Oli is so little compared to the other kids he kept missing out on the candy, but he didn't let his size stop him, he would just go straight up to the float or person passing out candy and ask them for it. Good thing is so cute, they were happy to give him handfuls of candy!
 This Dinosaur really did look real! Oli was totally spooked!
 Later in the day we headed up to Sarah and Aaron's for a BBQ, Kreg and Aaron went mountain biking while the rest of us went over to the park where Willard was having their celebration. The kids had fun Dancing to the musin, playing at the park and being together.

 Ash wanted me to take this pic of him. He is getting so grown up!

 Cora looking cute like always!

 This airplane flew by 3 times and dropped candy for the kids, it was a crazy mad rush to get the candy from the baseball field.
We all loved the fireworks, Cora slept through them though. It was a great day!

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