Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Beach

 It wouldn't be a proper California trip without a day trip to the beach. We had a perfect day at Santa Cruz! The weather was supposed to be in the 60s and cloudy, but it ended up being perfect in the 70s and sunny! We love the beach and we were so happy when Grandma and Grandpa wanted to come along!
 Oli searched and searched for Crabs, I kept telling him this wasn't the beach for that. next time little buddy!

 He enjoyed running from the waves, I told him when we first got there to be careful because the waves are strong at the ocean and they can grab you and take you with them. He took me seriously and every time he would run from the wave he would have a look of fear mixed with excitement on his face.
 And then he wasn't paying attention for a second and the wave got him. he was like a fish swimming belly up under the waves for a few seconds. It scared us both! He refused to go back to the water after that. He was literally caked in sand!
 Cecily and Grandpa still had fun running from the waves!
 Cora just enjoyed her time on the blanket under the umbrella. she loves looking upside down on her back.
 Once CC realized how cold the water was she thought it was a good idea to put on the adult sized wet suit. She tried convincing us that it was her size. Hips don't lie!
After we had enough surf and sand we headed for a walk on the pier to check out the seals. My Camera died at this point so no more pictures. we also hit up some fun rides at the boardwalk! Such a fun, fun day!

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