5 months

 At 5 Months our Cora girl loves playing with toys...
 She tried some homemade baby food, but wasn't to excited about it. She isn't quite ready for actually consuming the food, but she enjoys tasting/sucking on new things. So far she loves celery sticks, colored peppers she can hold and suck on. all kinds of fruit and avocado. She really hasn't "eaten" anything yet. We will wait till she is closer to 6 months and more physically ready to swallow the food.
 She loves being outside
 She is so happy and alert.

She loves cuddling with anything she can get her hands on. When she is tired she loves to put soft things over her face. We always find her sleeping with her face covered with a blanket or her dress. Sometimes all we hear is her breathing hard and fast (Kreg calls it her angry breathing) we know immediately that she has covered her face and can't get free.

She is getting really good at sitting up and can do so for a min or so at a time.
Rolling both ways
Loves swimming in Grandma's pool
Cruises in the walker around Grandma's house 7-25-13
 She is enamored by her siblings, she loves to watch them and interact with them. She is getting so verbal just in the last week. She will just jabber or grunt all day long now. We thought she would be our quiet one, but looks like she joined the crew and will be full of loud personality! She gives Cecily best laughs, Cecily acts like a crazy person to get.

Has been waking up around 3 am but doesn't want/need anything so we have been letting her cry it out at night to break that habit. When she doesn't wake up then she sleeps for a good 10 hours eats and goes back to sleep for a couple hours.

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