Cora is 4 months

 Our Cora Kathleen got to meet Cora Harris finally!! The Harris family came to Utah and we got to go to the zoo with Rhonda and the girls and meet baby boy Harris via Rhonda's cute tummy! Rho also did a photo shoot of the kids and I. We are so happy we got to spend time with them, we miss them so much! Oliver told Cora Harris he wanted to marry her, she got really shy and just ignored the gesture (Rhonda and I would be so happy if they really got married! Oli will need a major growth spurt though, Cora has him beat by quite a few inches right now). Oli and Cora are such good buddies! They had so much fun playing and being silly together, Cecily and Ruby picked up right where they left off and had lots of fun playing and being together. Rho and I had a great time talking and watching our cute kids interact. I am sad we don't live down the street from each other but sooo happy the Harris' come to UT often so we can see them, and we will soon be making a trip to So Cal to visit them!
 Our little Cora wasn't in the mood for pictures, she is all smiles until you whip out the camera. Ruby and Cora loved our little Cora!
 Cora at 4 months is still the best baby! I really never thought a baby like her existed. She never cries, is always happy unless you don't get her food fast enough. She falls asleep anywhere/anytime. Like the photo above, she was just laying on the floor playing and the next thing I see, she is dead asleep. She will even fall asleep sitting up right on my lap its so funny. The other two kids had to be rocked and jostled to fall asleep ever.

 She really was so smiley and then she saw the camera....
 and then she started to arch her back in protest to the photo shoot.

Weighs: 12.1 LBS 25th percentile (8 ounces heavier than CC at this age and 1 LBS lighter than Oli)
Height 23" 5th percentile (One inch shorter than both CC and oli at this age)
Wearing both 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing, size 2 diapers
Sleeps 8-10 hrs at night, 30-60 min naps during the day at home, if we are out and about she will sleep for much longer for naps.
Eats 3-4 ounces of formula every 3 hours during the day
Talks lots
Loves to suck on her hand and anything she can grab
Rolling from tummy to back
Loves reaching for things and playing with toys
Loves her exersaucer
Drools a lot!
Laughs when she is startled and when Kreg is silly with her
Still likes her binky, but not totally dependent on it.
Loves swimming and baths
Loves being outside
Still loves the front pack carrier, as well as sitting in the stroller outside of her carseat.
Loves watching Oli and CC be silly

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such a sweet sweet girl!