Cecily's Class Zoo Trip

 Cecily's Kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Zoo and so Oli, Cora, Aunt Paige, and I tagged along! Oliver loved hanging out with the big kids and copied everything they did! Cecily had fun with her friends Jack and Miles, they are twins and so cute! At least that's what all the girls in the kindergarten class tell me. Their Mom told me that they hand picked Cecily to be in their group. Cecily "flirted" with one of them more than the other ( I forget which one now) She would say "you are funnier than your brother", and just follow him more intently, but she has never told me she "likes" either one before. I am certain because there is another boy in the class named James that she is smitten with. He is tall been 6 since early in the year and really cute! She says she" never talks to him or plays with him, just looks at him because he's cute!"  Anyway back to the zoo trip...
 Can you tell she is all about fancy poses and fun hand gestures? ha not sure where she gets this stuff!?

 Oliver the snake charmer?
 Oli struggled keeping up and getting into position for the pictures before the big kids were on to the next thing.
 Oli was so bugged that I had Paige ride next to him on the Carousel, I wanted her to stay close to him since there are no seat belts and I didn't want him flying off. He wouldn't smile for any picture, this is the best one I got. But look how cute Paige looks!

 Paige pointed out to me that I dressed to go with the zoo theme, totally didn't think of that, but I'll own it! Cora is 4 Months!
Love my 3 littles! Oliver has been soooo wild and silly/crazy the past couple of weeks, he is testing us for sure! He has one speed "super fast" and really never runs out of energy. He is in a phase where he doesn't listen or tries to argue, thankfully Cecily balances it out with her impeccable rule following. Oli sure does make us laugh and keeps us on our toes! He is also potty training this week and doing super well with going Pee! Pooping is a bit more of a challenge but we will get there!

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laurareid said...

So oli to stick out his tongue! Cc's sign for the day was hang loose. She is so funny! I love them! Xoxoxox
See any cheetahs that matched your shirt? Ha