A New Do

 We have been going back and forth about cutting Cecily's hair, she has wanted it short but I've been to sad to take the plunge. I knew it would make her look older and I haven't been ready for that. Can you blame me? We got home from our trip from ST. George and got right down to business. She was so excited to cut it!
 I braided it first so we could donate the hair.

Just as I thought, she looks older but so darling! She is obsessed with her new hair! She is always looking at it in the mirror and talking about it!


Anonymous said...

Her new hair cut is beautiful!! Auntie Cathy loves it-- and her, of course! XOXO

Mallory Wagner said...

What a cutie!

Grammi said...

Cecily looks adorable with her new "do"..love it & her! Grammi

The Robinson's said...

Oh how cute!!

Lily did the same with me. Must be the whole thing of independence because they go to school now. Ha ha ha
Lily wanted a short A-line. I wasn't ready for that so we went with a cut like CC! But man has it grown back fast.