Cecily and Oliver

Random likes/dislikes:

Cecily 4 1/2 years old
~Dancing! she is in a jazz, ballet, and tap class and loves it so much! She also goes to a yoga class once a week that she loves.

~Reading, writing, and spelling. Cecily is so curious and loves to learn. She is so interested in learning about words and writing. She is always writing her friends letters and making them cards. She also loves talking about rhyming words. I hope this means she will love reading just like her mama! She loves doing art and crafts as well.

~Being social, this is not new about her but she has taken her social life to a whole new level. She and her friends are always planning parties and "inviting" each other over. Its so funny to hear her always talking about who her best friend is at the moment, she is always begging for so and so to come over or asking if she can go to their house. She has always been able to make friends with anyone, anywhere but now she really is caring about others and thinks more of their feelings and such. We are still focusing on sharing, but she is getting there!
~Speaking of being Caring, Cecily is the biggest sweetheart. I have been sick for a while and she is so sweet to take care of me and Oliver. She is the BEST big sister and helper! She is always so willing to do things for him and to get things for me. She offers to do things for me, without me asking. 

~Energy, she is never lacking energy. She is always so happy and fun! She is so outgoing and excited about life. She even talks about all her energy. She says I ate all this healthy food to give my energy and now I need to use my energy!

~Being Healthy/using manners: We look at food as a source to get energy, We talk about eating foods that are good for our body, but still having treats sparingly. We do love to bake at our house. Even still she has learned about if we don't use the energy from the food we eat we will be unhealthy and have chubbies. Because of this she will comment about people with said "Chubbies" everywhere we go. We are working on not pointing at people and not voicing our observations of people in an impolite way. She is so excited and proud when she remembers to use her manners.

~Curiosity, she wants to know about everything! My phone conversations, the world, the things work (especially medical things) she questions everything. Its keeping me on my toes that's for sure! She says she wants to be an OBGYN (a DR that helps the mammas have their babies) when she grows up, at the rate she's going I wouldn't doubt her for a second. I am baffled at times at her questions. she is so much smarter than I expect, beacuse of this I can at time expect to much from her little 4 yr old self. I have to remind myself that while she acts very mature in some ways she is still so little, and not ready for a lot of responsibilities.

~Typical first born and a big time rule follower! She is always reminding me and everyone else about the rules. and you are in big trouble if you break one of your own rules, ha ha


~Missing out on things.
I feel so blessed to be her Mom and to have her as an example in my life! I thought my job was to teach her about life, but she is always showing me things I need to learn.

Oliver 21 months
~Trains, sports. He loves to play trains, talk about them and imitate them. As for sports I think he will be just like his Dad. Lives, breathes sports. He is always running "fast" and kicking the ball, hitting a ball, throwing a ball. Like in the precious post he even sleeps with balls and golf clubs.

~Singing songs, he is really starting to pick up on all of the songs we sing. His memorization skills have been amazing lately. His little memorized prayers are so cute! They consist of about 5 words and then Amen and you totally know what he is saying.

~Letters and Numbers. He knows parts of the ABC song and even knows a few letters. He knows how to count to 10 but because I ask him to do it so often he isn't as interested as of late.

~ Lovies, mostly just at bed but at any different nap/bed time he will have a plethora of toys in bed with him. Always one in each hand. His brown bear "bear" that was Kreg's as a kid is always in one hand and then something else like a book, ball, club, train etc in the other hand. He doesn't really need them during the day or outside of the crib.

~ School, he loves to be social and loves going to school to play all the games, do crafts, sing songs, read stories. He really loves the nursery and the gym as well. He's out going and assertive. He still plays side by side mostly with kids but he isn't shy about being in groups or entering a room full of strangers.

~Caring, he is so empathetic. if anyone is sad or pretending to be sad, he feels badly and wants them to be happy. He'll give you loves or say sorry until you are smiling. He even worries about people on TV that are sad or upset.

~Being outside. We have gone out to play in the snow, and and ride bikes a little this month and he has loved it. Its usually a fight to bring him back inside.

~Shows, We have been sick for a couple of weeks so he has gotten used to watching a lot of shows! If we are home he wants a show on. He still plays while its on, comes and goes, but none the less loves having the TV on. Especially Curious George. It is his favorite for sure! I am really thankful for the TV as much as I detest it for my kids, it has been a great resource every time I am sick. What did moms do before TV?

~Dressing up in our clothes and shoes. If you leave any clothes out you are just asking for Oli to put them on. He loves experimenting with putting things on and off. I think he likes doing it with everyone else's because they are so big and easier to get in and out of. He also loves shoes. anyone's, anytime. I often go in my room and will find 10 pairs of shoes out of my closet. I will know Oli has been trying them on. He loves to wear his snow boots too.


~He is going through a picky eater phase. I blame it on being sick and getting used to eating bland food, but he refuses most fruits and veggies lately. I am working on getting them back into his diet. If he is hungry enough he will eat them.

~Shopping :( Sad day for me. I can no longer shop in ease with Oli. He freaks our anytime you enter the store unless he is constantly eating snacks.

~Wearing winter wear. He hates getting his coat/hat on unless its someone else's. I don't blame him. Its very restricting on his little body. But like I said before he likes to wear other peoples clothing.

~Any talk of potty training. We are so not serious when talking about it with him. I know he is far from ready but its so funny when he is about to go poop he will get this look on his face and we all just know what he is going to do. He knows it too, he will just start saying no over and over like "Mom, don't even look at me, don't talk to me about it, and don't mention the toilet."  He sometimes will go under the table or go in his room to do his business. We always tease him and say oh Oli do you want to go on the toilet. His reply is always "No"- in a that's a silly question kind of way.


Craig, Kimi, and Eli said...

"Noooo." :) I can see his big Oli smile as I picture him say it too! Loved this post, and love those babies!

Shari said...

So many things you wrote about your babies reminds me of my kids when they were little. Gordon was soooo in to trains when he was little. You can show this to Oli.http://scrapmatters.com/gallery3/showphoto.php/photo/85024/ppuser/12
I think we still have the little wood train and the conductor hat. :)