Our January

When we got home from CA we immediately got busy with life and.. Movie nights,

                                                 Fun times with friends at the MOA
                                      Tea Parties
                                Indoor picnics
                                   Eating snow,
                                   Making snow Angels
                                   Snow Men,

                                Naps and cuddling with all our favorite toys,
                                                And lots and lots of Dance parties!!
I told Susan that give us two weeks after being home in MN and we would be sick, boy was I right! Oliver has had pink eye and Bronchitis these last couple of weeks. We have been staying home a lot, well at least Oliver has. Thankfully Kreg's work schedule is somewhat flexible so he has been a huge help adjusting his work schedule to stay home with Oli when I need to go to School, work, and other meetings. Each Sunday we say whew glad that week is over and now this week will be calmer, but we are proven wrong each week when things pop up and keep us busy, busy! We are happy and well though. Kreg just took the GMAT this week and did really well on it. He has applied to a Masters of Finance program at the University of Utah. We aren't positive that is what we will be doing in the fall, but it might be an option.   Kreg is also applying for jobs all over the place and working hard at figuring out our future. We are so blessed and grateful for the jobs we have and are excited for the big things that will be happening this year for our family!!


Mallory said...

Oli is so big! We need to see those cute kids soon, and of course you guys as well.

The Allens said...

What are you going to school for? sounds like you guys are busy!! i hope you get to move to salt lake!

Betsy&Joy said...

Ok so the snowmans' faces? Looks like "yellow snow" if you catch my drift...
I love that Oli is sleeping with his golf club, oh I miss that boy!

laurareid said...

oli looks like you anna. it's making me smile.... xoxo