2011 Recap

We had big things happen this year, some seem like an eternity ago and some we can't seem to get out of our minds. We were blessed immensely, along with being tried and tested along the way. We have grown closer as a couple and a family, and learned a lot. I hope we can say that every year!

January:Got in a small car accident new years day. Kreg was sworn in as a student attorney, he helped run an immigration clinic for the semester. He loved using his Spanish skills and helping people with their asylum cases. He confirmed his love for litigation. Anna and the kids survived another cold winter, we had fun doing indoor activities at home. Kreg had the car most days so we mastered the art of staying home and keeping busy.

February: A couple of ER trips, Cecily and Oliver become the best of friends now that Oli is old enough to really PLAY. Getting out a little more, lots of trips to MOA.

March: Anna turns 26, the kids were sick a lot this winter. Kreg goes to Boston for a Moot Court competition, his team placed 2nd!

April:Aunt Sarah and cousin Reagan come for a visit! Oli learns to Walk! Finally getting outside to play.

May: Oliver turns 1, Kreg GRADUATES! Grandma and Grandpa W. come for a visit. Cecily and I go to her first musical "Pinkalicious". Cecily has her first field trip and graduates from her 3 yr old pre school class.

June:Gram comes for a visit, trip to Nauvoo. Lots of beach time and swimming. Kreg studies hard for the Bar exam.

July: Kreg takes and passes the Utah Bar. Kreg turns 27. Trip to Duluth for the 4th. Trip to CA, Avila beach.

August: Cecily turns 4. Aunt Paige comes for a visit, Fisher's come for a visit.

September: Cecily starts her final year of Preschool in Ms. Emily's class. Oliver starts his first year of Preschool in Ms. Kim's Class. Cecily starts Ice skating lessons.

October: Trip to UT for Halloween and for Kreg's swearing in. Officially an attorney. Grandma W comes for the big event. The kids dress as Gnomes for Halloween.

November: Trip to Seattle with Aunt Sarah and RJ. continuation of Trip to UT. Holidazzle parade. Anna gets a job at the Gym.

December:Trip to CA, Christmas. Oli got trains and CC got lots of Reading activities and her own digital camera!

We are still searching for the right job/career choice for Kreg, its an exciting time with lots of unknown. We are practicing patience and trust in our Heavenly Father. We are anxious to do what ever he has in store for us and what is best for our family! A few things we are hoping for/looking forward to for 2012
~Strengthening our testimonies and relationships with our Savior Jesus Christ.
~Having Healthy minds and bodies
~Finding a job/deciding whats next for Kreg.
~Cecily going to Kindergarten
~Keeping positive attitudes and outlooks.

No matter what 2012 has in store for us I hope and pray that we can handle all of it with grace and a good attitude and with the right perspective! We are so grateful for all that we are blessed with but mostly for great family and friends!

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