Cecily's 4 and 1/2 yr interview

Cecily playing Makeup at 4 and 1/2 years

I found when I interviewed her some of her answers were just what was most recent in her life. Like cookies for example she usually wants ice cream, but we made cookies the other day so she had them recently. I will put what she says in pink and I will put my answers of what I see her do on a day to day basis in Red next to hers.

What is your favorite color? Pink Purple or pink depending on the day,. but usually purple
How old are you? 4
Who is your Best Friend? Ruby Changes hourly
What is you favorite Toy? Ponies Baby dolls, stroller, kitchen, dress ups.
What is your favorite Fruit? Strawberries
What is your favorite T.V. Show? Monkey George (curious George) Backyardigans
What is your favorite Movie? Barbie movies
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Dr that helps mommies have babies
What is your favorite Treat? Cookies Ice Cream
What is your favorite Game to play? Candy land
What is your favorite Book? Pinkalicious
What is your favorite kind of Cereal? Fruit Loops
What is your favorite Song to sing? Patty cake Primary songs, never the same one
What is your favorite Outfit to wear? A dress
What is your favorite Animal? Zebra
What is your favorite Holiday? Valentines day because its almost here
What is your favorite Thing to do outside? Ride bikes Go to the park, swim
What is your favorite thing to eat for Dinner? Mac and Cheese
What makes you Happy? Your face or going to the beach
What makes you sad? Biting I think she just thought of something that would make her cry. I don't think she has ever been bit.
What is your mom’s name?  Anna
What does your mom do during the day?  Take care of me
What is your dad’s name? Kreg
What does your dad do during the day? Works
what don’t you like to eat? Guacamole because its spicy. But if there isn't spicys in it then I like it.
Who are your friends? Ruby, Eden, Andrew, Sofie, Ella, Ava, Cater, Baby Carter, and Oli
Where is your favorite place to go? Mall of America
What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my toys Doing crafts and art projects. She loves to color, paint, draw, and write.
What do you like about your Mom? Giving hugs and kisses
What do you like about your Dad? Playing with him
What do you like about your brother? Playing with him
What does (sister/brother) like to do? play with his toys.

We had fun with this interview. I told her I was interviewing her for a job. I spoke in an accent the whole time she thought it was great!

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