At any time you can find these two doing one of these things together....
                                        Loving on each other and playing
                                                               Doing art projects
                             Coloring. Oliver was so proud of himself for the marker tower he built.
                                      Doing shows of song and dance on various stages and pedestals throughout the house. with or with out pants it doesn't matter. But snow boots definitely make for a better performance!
 Playing solo in their rooms, Oli with trains and cars, CC with dolls, her kitchen, dress ups or with her karaoke machine. and once again for Oli some kind of boots on are a must.

                                                         Beading and jewelry making.

                                       Practicing ballet and gymnastics ALL. OF. THE. TIME!
As you can see we have been home a lot lately. Other than school and work(when I can make it) we have been home. We did get to go to the children's museum on V-Day with friends and that was fun! I have been really sick with a couple of viruses, the latest one turned to walking pneumonia. Talk about painful. I am done with my antibiotics so hopefully I can get back to normal life. I feel like every year around this time we get really sick and can't seem to shake it for a month or so. I guess that's just life with young kids! The kids have enjoyed being home some, but are ready to get out and play! We are anxious for spring and summer!

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