Gram Came to town

My Mom (Gram) came to Minnesota to visit us and spoil us! We had so much fun with her and miss her lots already! We have lots of pictures from her trip so I will break them down into different posts. She flew in on Tuesday night, The kids and I went to pick her up from the airport. There was no warm up time with CC she was talking Gram's ear off at the first moment we saw her, Oli was a little more nervous, but that was to be expected. We went home and Gram unloaded all of the Loot she brought us! CC got all of my old Barbies and all of the clothes and accessories, she got all of  my American Girl Doll stuff (which we put away till she is a little older). It was like Christmas! Wednesday we went shopping all day it was so fun and of course we were spoiled again, we went to a few different stores 2 different malls and out to eat at the Rainforest Cafe (CC's favorite)! We also got stuff for our trip to Nauvoo the following day. It is always non stop busy fun with Gram and we love it! We love her energy and her cheerfulness!
Oli and CC loved the Rainforest Cafe! They would get so excited with all of the action!CC insisted on wearing her crown that day to the mall, she is such a DIVA!

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laurareid said...

makes me miss you so much! xo