Day 4 Nauvoo part 2

CC practicing her writing skills in the pioneer school.

 Oliver and CC loved the horses that took us on a fun carriage ride! Oliver kept making horse noises.

 Oliver loves his big sissy but does not love her to touch him. He is always teasing her by putting out his hand as if he wants her to hold it and then quickly pulling it away!
 Getting ready for our Carriage ride. Oliver was getting tired so he started to freak out a little.
 All he needed was a little cuddle time with Mom and he was out.
 Oli and Gram hanging out, outside of Carthage Jail
 A picture of Kreg and Cecily through the gun shot hole in the door in Carthage Jail. they thought it was appropriate to have a solemn look on their face.
Cecily and I in front of Carthage.

On the second day in Nauvoo Kreg and I were able to go early in the morning and do a session in the gorgeous templ! Oh my it is such a pretty Temple!! Gram and the kids got breakfast and got tickets for our carriage ride. We had fun looking at some of the homes, learning about bricks, eating lunch and going on the bumpy but fun carriage ride. We went on the same on a couple of years ago and it was fun to hear the neat stories again. We drove to Carthage Jail on our way our home and did the tour there. The missionary that lead the tour did a great job. We were in a group with a bunch of youth and she did a fabulous job speaking with the spirit!

                      The kids watching a movie and cuddling
We then drove the 7 hours home with a stop for dinner. The kids did really well again until about the last 15 min. Oliver was so tired and so sick of sitting in his carseat that he got sad, but it was midnight so we didnt hold it against him ;)

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Shari said...

What a great experience for your family. I love going to Nauvoo. We need to make another trip back now that Grant is old enough to really understand it. Did you see Great grandpa Hyde's quote on the fence post along the walk down to the river?