Day 5,6, and 7 with Gram

 Gram and Papa got CC and early birthday present! This barbie bike could not be more Cecily! Its glamed out just like her!
 Oli and Gram lovin on his thing 1. Oli got this lovey from Geat Grammi and Gramps for Christmas and he LOVES it!
 Gram and the kids in the dolly store (American girl doll store)

 CC took this wonderful shot of Mom and I. We are so much a like, we even dress similar.
 Oli and I on his first ride ever! He couldn't have cared less! We'll wait till he's a little older to do it again.
 Cecily just learned about Backyardigans and has watched it a few times so she was super excited when Uniqua was at MOA
 Posing for the camera
 The last thing we did with Gram before she flew home. We all 3 LOVE sushi so we enjoyed it as our last meal together. CC had a hard time with the size of the rolls, she tried biting through them but the seaweed paper prevented this from happening. She thought she was funny.
 We had a hard time getting all 3 of the "Maries" in the picture.
Cecily got Mom and I pretty well.

On saturday we did more shopping, we went to some fabric stores to find some things for my house, we went to the store to get food for sunday and CC wanted to show Gram how she could ride the big girl bikes, Gram decided it would be a great early birthday present. Cecily was so excited she got to take the bike home, she was telling the people in the store all about it. We got food and cheescake from the cheesecake factory and took it to a lake/park near our house. The park was having a hoe down so we ate and listened to the music and played at the park. Sunday we went to church and made dinner and a cake together. We caught Gram up on some of our family home videos, Played games and crafted! Monday we went to MOA and shopped and rode rides. We ate lunch and then ate at the Rainforest cafe for dinner. We had so much fun being with Gram and showing her what we love to do in MN. We miss her so much and were so sad to see her go on Tuesday. Cecily keeps asking when Gram will come back, when I say Im not sure, she replies "Gram is never ever coming to our house again??" ha ha she is so dramatic! We sure hope Gram and all of our family comes to our house again!!
Thank you so much for everything Gram we love you lots!!


Shari said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your mom visiting and can I just say CC's bike rocks. I can't believe it has a Barbie attachment. That is the cutest!

Laura said...

it was absolutely my pleasure! loved every minute... xoxo