Day 3 with Gram NAUVOO

(CC teasing Oli with his binky)
CC and Oli did a fabulous job entertaining themselves on the 7 hour drive to Nauvoo. We left bright and early in the morning so we could have most of the day to sight see.

 Our family straight out of the car and to the Temple

 Gram and the kids, Oli perfected saying "Hi" on this trip, he said hi to everyone he saw which is a lot of people in such a tourist setting. I love how he says it out of the side of his mouth.
 CC helping Oliver stay on the grass for the picture
 Cecily and her Mcdouble (inside joke)
 Oliver LOVED scalling the stairs at the temple.
 The first day we were there the weather took a turn and stormed pretty good, so while Gram was doing a session in the Temple we went to a fun musical show put on by the missionaries, Kreg also was able to get a lot of really neat shots of the Temple during the storm.
 Our family at the show

 I love this Picture with the flag next to the Temple.

We got into Nauvoo around 1:00pm we went and saw the temple and then went to the visitors center, they had a fun play starting so we went to that. It was a little longer than we expected so Oliver only lasted a little bit so He and I went out in to the center to walk around. Unfortunately it was pouring outside so we just walked around while Oli said "HI" to all of the tourists, it was cute but people got tired of saying Hi back ha ha. After the play we went and  got settled into our hotel, We were all pretty tired so we took a little nap and Gram went to do a session in the temple. We then went to the show and went and looked in a few of the fun shops. We saw where Joseph Smith is buried and when Gram came out of the Temple we went and got a late dinner. I really love Nauvoo and love the feeling you get there, It is fun to imagine what life was like for the early Latter day Saints. Just being there is a testimony builder because of the strong spirit you feel! I cant wait to go back!

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