Our little Coco

 I see this face a lot. Cora loves the baby carrier and spends a good amount of time in there, Its one way she can be settled and maybe if we are lucky she'll even take a nap in there!

 We have been spending lots of time outside so Coco sports a little sun hat most of the time!

 Cecily loves her baby sister, she will come to my room first thing in the morning ready to hold, kiss and maul her baby!

                                                     Her eyes are so big and beautiful!
 I love how chubby she is but so so tiny at the same time! Her cheeks and rolly polly legs are my favorite!
                          I loved this outfit when CC wore it and I love it still when Cora wears it.
 My kids have been blessed with my big lips but they can also make their mouths so so tiny. You find Cora doing this a lot through out her day.
 I don't know what I would do with out Cecily and all her help with her siblings. She really is the best, most sweet big sister any kid could ask for!

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