Cecily's Kindergarten program

 Cecily had a kindergarten program where the morning and afternoon classes got together and sang 15 or so nursery rhyme songs and then each child had their own rhyme to recite at the microphone. It was all very impressive, they sang, danced, and even played some musical instruments. So proud of our cute Kitty Cat Kindergartener!
 Each kid dressed up and/or brought props to go along with their rhyme. Cecily was a darling Pussy Cat!
 This is Cecily's poster she made to represent her Rhyme.
 "Pussy Cat and the Queen"
Pussy cat, Pussy cat, where have you been
I've been to london to look at the Queen.
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, what did you there?
 I frightened a little mouse under the chair.

 While the kids were getting in their spots and getting ready Cecily just kept posing for all the cameras!
 Dancing to around the mulberry bush

 Cecily and her good friend Avea, Cat and Dog!
Oliver and Anton (avea's little brother) are best buddies! They love to do everything together! Oliver loved watching the program and even sang along. at the end of the program Hot Crossed Buns were served.

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