Fun times in April

 Bentley turned 1 and had a fun Mustache party! Cecily drew a stache on her and Oliver, then Carly had fun furry sticker mustaches at the party they could wear.
 Reagan wasn't excited about wearing it.
 Cora Rocked her Mustache!

 The kids had fun chasing and attempting to tackle Papa
 Then he turned and chased them!
 Bentley the Guest of Honor!

 Oliver sure loves his baby sister! He is always loving (mauling) on her! He always says goochy goochy goo to her and calls her Cory Cory

Cecily was so excited when she and Cora accidently Matched one day so she said we just had to have a photo shoot!
Cecily said in the car the other day, "Mom Cora has been smiling so much lately! I think she is for sure the smartest girl in our family!" "I could never smile that much in one day!" She said. I told her "she smiles more than that all the time, since she is such a happy girl!"

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