For thanksgiving weekend we headed up to Ogden. The kids and I went up wed and slept at my parents. That day we went over to the Treehouse museum with the Jackmans, the kids had so much fun crafting and participating in a little musical. As you can see Reagan was a Pig, Ashton the Grandpa and CC the Bear. Oli and Colten were in the audience and did their part as the choir. Colten was happy as a clam to not be up on stage. Oli was a little sad to be left out of the action. Its funny to see their different personalities. for the most part there is a lot of competing for attention and to be the start of the show!

 Oli was bummed to not be part of the show so he decided rather than sit by me he would go back a row and hang dog about it ha ha. He really did love watching though.
 Thanksgiving day was nice and low key. Kreg came up to Ogden around noon after he played in the turkey bowl in our ward. We spent the morning cooking and baking and doing little crafts with the kids.  After we ate the delicious dinner the Jackmans came over for pie. the kids played games and sports in the hall and then to have some quieter time we out on toy story and they all laid in Gram's big bed. we love living so close to family and miss the ones we arent as close to everyday! We are hoping to head to CA after Christmas (if I am feeling up to the trip and the DR oks it). It will be so fun to get together with the Wagners and finally meet baby Owen!
At the end of the night Papa and Kreg went to a movie and the kids, gram and I were tuckered out so the kids made a bed on the coffee table and watched a movie!

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