Oli is 2 and 1/2

This little man never ceases to melt my heart! He is so cute and funny and the best cuddle buddy!
Things he is LOVING:
~Cars and play doh. He will play for hours with both of these things. He also really loves his trains when they are set up.
~He loves to lay in bed with me in the afternoons and read, read, read
~He is learning his letters and numbers by osmosis through CC. Since she is always practicing her reading and math he is picking up on things all the time. He counted to 26 the other day in the car, just when he was chatting with himself.
~Singing, just like his sister he knows most of the songs on the radio and lots of Primary songs.
~Dancing, running, and just being active. He's a boy so that explains that! He is super coordinated and loves sports just like his Dad. He usually always has a ball with him
~ He likes to help with chores around the house but his attention span for it is only a few min.
~ He is a social little guy, he is always talking to people in the store, yelling hi to anyone he sees in our neighborhood, and begs to go to friends houses all the time! He is not shy!
~EAT, this tiny boy can eat! He will chose eating or food over most any activity. at parties he is always the last child down from the table because he has to finish his food and everyone Else's!
~Still is a water baby, loves his baths and swimming.
~Doing everything himself. and if you don't let him do it he will cry about it for a good 10-15 min. Even if you take him out of the situation he will be upset about not getting to...climb out of the car himself, put his clothes on himself, close the dishwasher himself etc. Its never the same thing its just whatever he does or doesn't want to do at the moment. 
~His best friend Cecily! These two still get along so well, they fight once in a blue moon but for the most part they are so loving and sweet to each other!
~Holding still for any amount of time. Yes sacrament meeting is a blast.
I can't think of anything else. he has always been such a happy, easygoing child. There isn't a whole lot that makes him upset. 

He is so sweet about the baby in my belly. He always talks to her and kisses my belly. I am so excited to see how he interacts with her!

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Brittani said...

i love him and how much he looks like kreg!!