St. George part one

 We had so much fun on our trip to St. George last week. Kreg's work had a convention down there so the kids and I tagged along and did our own thing and loved every min of it! The first day we dropped Kreg off at a meeting and went to the park to let the kids get their energy out after the car ride. Right by the park was this Red River (picture above) well come to find out it wasn't a natural river but water and debris from the floods the upper parts of st George had. The kids thought it was so crazy to see all of the sports balls and debris in the water. It was pretty deep too.
 Cecily thought this handle on the park was like a picture frame so she wanted to take a picture inside it.
 We had a lot of fun lounging and swimming at the Hotel, The hotel had a great outdoor pool and kiddie pool that we went to everyday for a couple of hours! We loved having an extended summer in the hot weather! (the pic above is the first night when we tried having the kids sleep together, Oliver would not leave CC alone and she likes complete quiet and space to sleep so she was frustrated with him and neither one would go to sleep, so I brought Oli over in my bed for about 3 min and he was asleep, I then moved him back to CC's bed. the next night we set up the crib and put Oli in there from the start, while he thought it was fun being in a crib again he was asleep much quicker so we stuck with that arrangement the rest of the trip.)
 The kids and I met up with my college roommate Krystle and her Little boy! It was so fun to catch up with her and meet Jaxon. I didn't get any pictures of she and I and this is the only one of the kids bummer. We went to lunch and it was HOT so the kids took a little dip in the fountain. Oliver took it to the extreme and was wet from head to toe! He is my wild and silly boy!!
 We went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Baumgarten's house for a visit and then Grandpa took us to lunch! It was so fun visiting with them, the kids had a great time showing off their tricks for G&G and Oliver really took a liking to Grandpa. He kept climbing on him and teasing him. I told him to talk loudly so Grandpa could hear so he spent the day yelling to Grandpa!
Later that day they came over to the hotel to watch the kids swim and then that evening we met up with Grandpa for ice cream and a walk around the temple. It really was so great seeing them! I loved talking to Grandpa all about his time as a paratrooper in WWII and his time as a missionary and young newly wed. I love personal history mixed with world history and its even better coming from family!

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