When I found out we were going to St. George I knew I wanted to take CC to Tuacahn Theater, lucky for her Aladdin was playing and that is one of her favorites right now! She was so excited she took of running right when she got out of the car!
 She was so happy to up way past her bedtime and be out with just the girls!

 She loved the show so much, as did I. They did a fabulous job and had some really cool affects including real live camels, fireworks, flying magic carpet, disappearing acts and a section of the show in 3D hence the sweet glasses! Cecily was so funny, she would laugh so hard when there was a joke said and her laugh is so contagious all the adults around us would laugh at her laugh. She kept asking why certain parts weren't real magic like in the movie and the genie wasn't real like in the movie. I tried to explain that he is a real person unlike the movie while not crushing any dreams or imagination. After the show she got to see the genie up close and he waved to her, she was so happy. I think it made up for his lack of "realness".
It was such a fun mother-daughter date! We have made it a tradition going to musicals together. We have seen Pinkalicious, Hairspray, Bye bye birdie, and now Aladdin. We are already making plans to go to London and new york for some shows some day!

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