First Day of Kindergarten

Date: 9/4/12
Teacher: Mrs. Bond
School: Puruvian Park
What she wants to be when she grows up: An OBGYN, "I want to help the mamas having babies"
Favorite color: Rainbow 2nd fav: pink

                               Practicing being the teacher before heading off to school.

                                 Walking through the alley for her first day of Kindergarten

 CC with some of her girlfriends from church, she has 5 or 6 kids in her school class that are also in her church class!
 Carly our neighbor and CC, Carly's older siblings will be bringing the girls home from school everyday.
 She couldn't wait to line up for her teacher, she weaseled her way up to the front of the line.
My big Kindergartener all ready for big kid school! She has been waiting for this day for a good two years! I am so excited about all the great things she will learn and all of the new friends she will make! None of us were sad or shed a tear when she went into the school. We are all very ready! Oliver was really hyper when we got home, not sure if its because he has me to himself or what but he was happy! I'm sure he'll get bored as the days go on and miss CC more! We love you sweet girl and are so proud of you!

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laurareid said...

Great pictures! She looks so happy!