St Patty's Day '12

 Mr Leprechaun came the night before St Patty's day and made a huge mess in our house! He left trails of green grass and gold nuggets every where. He peed green in the toilet, turned our milk green, turned around and over furniture, stole our shoes and made a mess in them, he even drew a little rainbow note with clues to all of his tricks. 

 CC was playing on her calculator (texting and doing number stuff)

I ended up getting the flu in the middle of the night so Kreg was stuck cleaning up the Leprechauns mess. Oli had a cough so we all stayed home from church, Kreg did a great job entertaining the kids and taking care of me. The kids loved wearing green clothes (CC changed her clothe like 5 times that day) they laid on the deck and stared at the clouds, they loved imagining all of the different shapes the clouds made.

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laurareid said...

you guys make life so fun for the kiddos....xoxo