Oliver's surgery

 Oliver had a sty on his eyelid, it got pretty big and wasn't very attractive, we tried since October to get rid of it without surgery but alas the surgery was needed. If it were an adult the DR could have just sniped it off in the office but since Oli is so little they couldn't take the risk of him moving and getting an eye injury so they had to put him to sleep for the procedure.

He kept pretending to take drinks!
                                                   Loved the snaps on his PJ shirt.
 Oli on the car ride over to the hospital, early in the morning. He was pretty happy considering he couldn't have breakfast or anything to drink. He does look cute sporting Kreg's BYU jacket from when Kreg was Oli's age.

 He had fun playing with the toys in the waiting room. I love his new "Cheese" face!
Oli in his hospital PJs, ready for surgery! Soon after this picture he started to get fussy, he kept saying c'mon Mom lets go, and was leading me to the door out. He asked for drinks a lot, I felt so bad having to say no. When the Child life specialist came to talk to us about how the anesthesia would work, he wanted nothing to do with her. He kept telling her no and getting upset. I started to worry that when it came time to put the gas mask on he would freak out. We went into the prep room, the lights were dim and there was twinkle lights on the ceiling. He thought that was cool, he sat on my lap and they put the mask on and quickly started blowing bubbles. It took him about 5 seconds to fall asleep. It was hard for me to watch his little body go limp as they laid him on the operating table. The surgery was quick and uneventful! It took him longer to wake up than usual because he was so tired from his rough night before (did I mention he was up the night before from 12-4 am for NO reason. He was happy, but awake. Kreg and I took turns going in his room trying to get him to go back to bed, I laid with him on the couch and Kreg rocked him and he finally fell asleep.He kept saying Mom, Mom, come here on the monitor. ha ha He wanted water but couldn't have it, so I think that made it hard for him to relax and go back to bed.) Once he was awake the nurse came to get me to be with him again, it was the longest 40 min of my life. I couldn't wait to hold my baby. A nurse was holding him when I got to his room, he had his head on her shoulder, when he saw me he Yelled MOM! It made me so happy! He was really lethargic for the first little bit, he drank two juice boxes and had some graham crackers, once he came to life a little more we were able to go home. he was so happy to see CC. He did great with it all, he took a 3 hour nap that afternoon and played like normal. His eye looks great and has healed wonderfully!


Betsy&Joy said...

Cute boy - his curly hair makes him look more like Kreg!

laurareid said...

Sweet little man! He's thinning out, becoming a big boy! Xoxo

Mark said...

That jacket is amazing! Glad the little guy is doing ok


Heather said...

he looks SO BIG!!! he and jenna and james are going to have a BLAST this summer at the reunion!!!

Shari said...

I saw your blog post title and my heart skipped a beat. I'm glad it was nothing serious. I actually had to have that done a few years ago. I had a clog oil duct in my eye lid about the size of a pea. The doctors kept telling me it was quite painful to remove and I assured them I had given birth drug free six times, I could handle it. I'd give birth six more times before I would want to do that again. It killed so I am so glad little Oli was able to sleep through his procedure.

The Robinson's said...

What a brave lil guy! Glad everything turned out well. He is turning into a handsome lil boy. Love the picture of him sitting in his car seat!

Take care.