Growing up

 CC learned how to ride a two wheeler recently! She is still figuring out the stopping part but she is so proud of herself for learning such a big kid thing! She also figured out whistling and is learning to tie her shoes. She is so excited about all her new milestones!

                                                       Look how happy she is!
                         That night she went on a super great date with Dad at chucky cheese!
 We have had some warm days, Oli has really enjoyed his time out on the deck. This day above I was CC and I were doing our nails outside, he wanted to do his too.

 He is obsessed with shooting baskets All. The. Time! He says "shoot it Mom" he'll do it until he can't resist the urge to throw the balls over the side of the deck.
                       Eating lunch on the deck, while he waits for CC to get home from school.
CC and I had a date too. We went to sushi, antique shopping and to the Chipmunk movie! It was a fabulous date!! I could not get her to look at the camera with her eyes ha ha not sure what she was so focused on?

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