Seattle part 3

We stopped in at Grandma's house for a bit, I have so many great memories here! CC taking oli for a ride on Great Grandma's soft rug.

 The kids had so much fun racing up and down the hallway. The above photo of CC is right before she did a major slide!
 RJ came down with a fever and a tummy ache, we tried giving her slushies and ice cream cones to cool her down. CC had to have one too. Poor RJ. She is always a good sport even when she is a sicky.
 Grandma and Sarah making Sarah's very first apple pie from scratch.
                                      Oli having some cuddle time with Great Grandma
 Twinner girls! Poor Reagan got sick and soiled her dress, she was so bummed to have to change her clothes because she wanted to keep matching with Cecily!

 Oli loves the stairs, but they are super steep and freaked me out so we kept the door closed, the girls kept sticking their fingers under the door to tease Oliver. SO he would stick his toes under the door back at them ha ha
                                                     Dancing with Great Grandma!
 Male bonding over the news and cereal.

On our long car ride home from Seattle I gave the kids candy necklaces, Oli thought using his toes to eat it was the best way! They were a mess but oh so happy!

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laurareid said...

so many fun memories. oli looks like hudson in that last picture. i love the one of cc and reagan together. they look soooo cute