18 months

A year and a half already? Is it weird that I still feel like Oliver is new to our family? Maybe its because I baby him or think of him as my little baby, but I really cannot believe how fast time has gone in the last 18 months.
Oli at 18 month loves:
~Shoes (as shown above) he loves to wear anyones shoes around the house, my high heels are fun because they make noise when he walks. He loves shoes with laces and will spend forever trying to tie the shoes.
~Trains, he is facinated by them. He loves to look for trains in books and loves to run around the house yelling Choo Choo
~Horses just like trains he LOVES horses! He says heeyah, heeyah whenever he sees a horse.
~Kids, he loves going to the gym, school, and now nursery. He did great in nursery on his first time! He was only sad when he had to leave, they even brought him to me with a dirty diaper, when I took him back he said "bye, see you". I can get him to do most everything by saying kids will be there!
~Music, he loves to dance and he is a great one at that.
~CC and Kreg, they are his favorite! He loves mimicking CC in all that she does. Therefore there has been lots of talk of CC needing to be a good example, because Oli is always watching/listening.
~Food, ask anyone that knows Oliver and they will tell you he is an amazing eater. He will eat anything, anytime, All. Day. Long. Oh boy, I'm a little nervous for when he is a teenager.
~Moving. Oliver is very active. He runs laps in our house constantly. He yells "Fast" then takes off running. its so cute. He really doesnt hold still for very long at all, unless he is sleeping.
~Sleep, he is a great sleeper and loves his naps. Thankfully. CC was done with naps at this age, but not Oliver. He takes after me and needs lots of sleep.
~Shows and treats. What kid doesn't?
~Sitting still. That entails, getting dressed, diaper changes.
~After our long drive to Seattle he now hates his Car seat. He has never been a big fan of it but we are now back to how we were when he was an infant. Lots of fighting us to get in the seat and get buckled.
~Not sure what exactly he is hating at each moment but Oliver is in full fledge tantrum mode. This boy can throw them too! Yells, screams, kicks, hits and throws himself on the floor. CC never did this so I am new to dealing with the outbursts. I try not to laugh and mostly just try to ignore the fits. I can't imgaine what it would be like to want something and have no one understand me. I would probably throw some major fits as well.

What Oliver is doing:
~No more BINKY! He got obsessed with it, but then at the same time if he was upset at all he would throw it, so I was always having to find it (climb in the back seat to get it, he even threw it back 10 rows on the airplane) I was going to get rid of it after we got home from our trip, I figured it would be a few days of sadness. The day after we got home he had his well check with shots, I wanted him to keep it for that but he had other plans. We went to the mall to return something right after his shots and at some point he threw the bink. I didnt realize it till we left. He asked for it in the car and I said "sorry, you threw it so its all gone" He got sad right away and I thought here we go. Well he did great. He only got sad a couple of nights at bed time, for a few min. He has done really well and only asked for it twice the whole week. He did take a friend's and suck it for a second but I took it and he was fine. I am so glad it has fone so well!

~He weighs 22 lbs 10% and is 31and 1/2 inches Tall 27%
~Speaks 50+ words and is putting together 2-3 word sentences. He still uses some signs but uses the words with them as well.
~He loves to climb and be wild. He is all BOY.
We have so much fun with him. He is always coming up with new things and keeping us on our toes!

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