The Joys of Living closer to family!

 We love that we live so close to family now! Gram has been coming down once a week to our house to visit/sleep over and help us get things done! Its always a party when gram is around!
 Kim, Craig, and Eli have come to spend the night before Kreg's cousin got married! They will be coming again in a few weeks and we can't wait to spend more time with them before they move to CO!
 Sarah and her kids came down for a night, we had so much fun bowling and celebrating Reagan's 3rd birthday!

 Oli loved his first time bowling! He would come running back to the chairs every time yelling "I did it"

                                                        2 cute girl cousins!!
Mark and Mallory have also stopped by for a short visit, paul and Susan have been here multiple times and We are so excited for Paige to come back to school in the fall so she can come sleep over!!

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Heather said...

cute pictures! i had so much fun chatting and seeing you all! we'll have to get together for a playdate once things calm down for you guys, sounds like you've had quite a busy month or so! :)