California summer 12

The Kids and I took our annual summer trip to Grandma and Grandpa Wagner's house in CA in June. Kim and I drove out with our three kids and both road trips (to CA and back to ID) went fabulously! The kids were great travelers and really never complained about being in the car!  

 The first week we were there is was rather chilly, overcast, rainy and in the 70s most days. That was also the week Kim and I taught so swim lessons. We dreaded the lessons each morning because of the cold, but were lucky to have great classes and when we were done for the day we would always say "that wasn't so bad." The following week it was HOT so we swam lots with the kids and really just hung out, it was such a nice low key vacation! We always love visiting Modesto even when we just stay home. Devyn, Jason, and Hazel came to visit for a couple of days which was so fun! We loved the girl talk and cute baby Hazel! Paige Came home from Europe the day or so before we left so Cecily had a good full day of Paige! She Loves Paiger so much and keeps her to herself whenever she can. They even spooned on the couch and took a nap. Too Cute! Paige will always be that Aunt that doesn't seem that much older for CC, I think CC will always look up to her and want to be just like her. Paige is so fun and determined that I couldn't ask for a better role model for my daughter!
                                                      Early morning bike riding
                                  The kids love the swingset and Rocks in the side yard.
                   Cecily Loves when we have swim lessons, she gets to play with older brothers! Her favorite CA boy 11 yr old John Nunnally
                                       The weather was cold, they both asked to be swaddled.

 After the first week of adjusting to one another Eli and Oli had so much fun playing together!
                                               Grandpa makes swimming so fun!

                                                           Dancing monkeys?
 Sneaking treats out of Kimi's room, Oli was busted many times in this room stealing candy, the boy is a treat lover! He will climb up to the counters to take bites out of multiple cupcakes, help grandma with dinner just to get bites of cookie dough! Leave it to Oli to find a treat if there is one to be found!

 The boys had fun throwing rings in the pool, by the end of the trip Oli was diving under water to get rings off the step. He is just like Cecily and a great swimmer! He will jump into the water and swim to you, turn around and swim back to the wall. He even loved doing Knee dives. He loves to practice his 1-2-3 pull arms!
                                                                    Cannon ball!

 Grandma made colored pudding for the kids to paint with, of course there wasn't much painting when it came to Oli!

 Tea party with Aunt Paiger! Yummy homemade lemonade from the lemons on Grandma's tree!
The kids loved doing cheers with the mini tea cups!
 After we got back to UT, we moved into our house in Sandy, A big thank you to our families who helped us move!

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