Oliver is 2!!

 We had a little, low key party for Oliver, it was perfect for him! He loved the ice cream cones and opening presents! We did pirate themed because Oli loves pirates! He goes around saying "arrr matey" all the time.

                                  His cousins came to celebrate with him!

 Mini cupcakes and mini ice cream cones were perfect for our little man!
Oliver is so fun at 2
He LOVES sports more than anything. He always has a ball in his hand or is playing some kind of sport. He will shoot baskets for days or hit the ball off the tee for hours. He loves golfing in the backyard with Dad too. I think this makes Kreg very happy that his boy loves the same things as he does. Oliver is really coordinated so it makes it all the more fun to watch! His speach has really developed over the last little while, he can communicate very well and he loves to sing songs that he knows. He can count to 26 and knows the ABC song, he won't however do either on demand very often, He can be very stubborn, but then again look who is parents are! He loves to do whatever Cecily is doing and they get along really well. If they are apart for more than a half hour they will greet each other with big hugs and say I missed you! It melts my heart. I hope they always have a close relation ship. Oliver loves to point out the colors of things, he knows all the colors except yellow confuses him at times. His favorite color is blue. His favorite song is the wise man and the foolish man, he call it the Rock song. He loves to sing and dance and help out with chores and in the kitchen. He is such a sweet loving boy, he loves to tease but then he will feel bad and solemnly apologize. He has just started with the tantrums and the whining the last week or two and its annoying but at the same time hilarious when he throws himself down on the floor about something. I just say excuse me sir, use your words please. He will pop back up to his feet and tell me what he wants. ha ha so silly. He loves to eat strawberries, pizza, oatmeal, eggs, and yogurt and treats of course. he doesn't have a lovey, but he will often go to bed with balls in his hand or in his bed. He sleeps from 8-8:30 every night and takes a 2- 2 1/2 hour nap everyday. He is on the move as long as he is awake so I'm not surprised he sleeps so well. I am having a hard time not babying him and trying to keep him little, but he proves to me everyday he is getting big and growing up whether I like it or not!

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