Last little bit of MN

  Oli is our little sports man, he loves to "shoot it" but since this hoop wouldn't raise he would sit in his chair and shoot from there, it was like he was to lazy to stand! ha ha He really just wanted to be lower than the hoop. good thing he got a new hoop for his birthday!
 Last time riding rides at MOA

 This was Oliver's last day of Preschool. He loved going to school just like CC, he loved the arts and crafts and toys. I loved going with him and spending special one on one time together!
 We were crashing our cars together, he would laugh so hard everytime!
 Our pre school friends! I made some really good friends through the ECFE program and so did my kids! It will be one of our greatest memories from MN. If only UT had a similar program.
 This is MS. Jill the parent educator. She has been so special to me that last three years, I have learned so much from her and have gained so much confidence in my parenting because of her validation. I will be forever grateful to her and her example to me! I felt like we were kindred spirits of sorts, She walked me through some very important years and stages in our lives!
 Ms. Kim Oliver's fabulous preschool teacher. She is so fun and lively! She made school such a fun happy place! I loved her friendship as well!
These were Cecily's 4's teachers, Ms Emily, Lynne, and Kathy. Cecily had a great year at school and made some really great friends! She learned so much and grew a lot academically and of course socially. She is so excited for kindergarten in the fall!

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